Lighting has a major role in making your animation look cinematic.

Right kind of lighting will fire up the scene and help you exactly get the animation you wanted. Lighting is, after all, one of the most important elements of any visual representation that the human eye could perceive visually.

The fact is, your perception of light is not based on the objects that you are looking at but rather, on the ray of light cast by the light source. The illumination from the light source simply bounces back from the objects that are in front of your field of sight. Light travels in a straight line and the light you are seeing is simply scattered or reflected illumination.

Lighting in animation is much like lighting in photography or filmmaking. The lighting artist sets up a combination of light sources to either draw attention to a special part of the setting, set the overall mood of the scene, or represent the natural properties of the scene such as time of the day.

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