Milestone Recording Studios is the east LA home base for Grammy Award-winning engineer, bassist, music director and touring professional, Wesley Cole Switzer.


Switzer's goal at Milestone is to help artists create music with unique textures and a great vibe while keeping costs from being prohibitive to the art.   The studio is responsible for multiple Grammy Award Nominations, as well as a Grammy win for mixing/engineering.



Organ Freeman


Organ Freeman is an organ trio consisting of; Trevor Steer - Organ, Rob Humphreys - Drums and Erik Carlson - guitars.


Cole DeGenova


Musician, poet, and songwriter Cole DeGenova began playing piano at age four. By age 15 he was playing professionally .

Lio Nicol


Lio Nicol is both sage and sass: her quirky provoking lyrics reflect her sense of humor and grace.

Lucky Diaz Music


3x EMMY Nominees and WINNERS and 2 X LATINGRAMMY nominees and WINNERS!

Chris Avetta


Chris Avetta is a multi-intrumentalist folk singer/ songwriter from San Diego, California.



Dani brings elements of popular contemporary genre's like rock, pop and country into the children's realm



Organ Freeman
Christinne Avetta
Summer Body & The Falsetto’s
Estrella Cristina
The Mazarines
Alysse Fischer
Cole DeGenova
May Stands Still
Soul Missive
Ceante Winston
Laura Roppe
Jo Jamez
Luke Andrews
Inner Prisms
Elaine Faye
Brenden Bourgious
Analogue Playground
Brooke Parrott
The Orange Ocean
Laura Vechionne
Ryan Fleming Jazz Trio

Lucky Diaz & The Family Jam Band
Lio Nicol
Nikki Wilkins
Parker Ainsworth
Strange Cats
Hobs Row
Adam Lasher
Nova Modern
Then And Now Jazz Quintet
Ira Messings
Theresa Flaminio
Dave Scher
Ben Willmott
Damian Shiner
Johnny Nicholson
Rebecca Muir
As I Lay Dying
Casey Hurt
Juri Jinnai Etch

Hunter Elizabeth
Jessie Payo
Jahsua Ali
Southern Pariah
Tara Priya
Best Regret
Mallory Piper
The Mille Collines
Christian Hoff
Headphone Jones
Rachel Stark
Dead Family
Zach Hillyard Band
Jennifer Hruska
Average Bear
Adam Shenk
Garrison Delight
Angel Vargas
The Beat Kidz
Amy Crawford



Avantone Ribbon Mic
Nuemann Mics
Cascade Mics
Miktek Condensor Mics
Yamaha SubKick
Vintage Coppertone Dynamic
SM 58 Microphones (3)
AStatic CTM-1000 Mics (2)
Audio Technica Drum Pack Mic Pack (4)
SM 57 Microphones (2)
Beta 52 Mic
AKG D550
Samson R11
CAD CM 217 Mics (2)
Sennheiser E835 Mic
Sennheiser E 609


ProTools 10 / Mac
Waves Bundle & Many Plugins
Presonus Digimax 8 Channel Digital Interface
RME Digital Fireface Interfaces
Distressor Compressors (2)
Sytek 4 Channel Preamp
DaKing 4 Channel Preamp
Full Mogami Wiring & Patch Bay
Funklogic Compressor
ART ProVLA Compressor
Ampex Vintage Tube Preamp
DBX Tube Preamp
Otari 8 Track reel-to-reel Machine
Mackie 24 Channel - 8 Bus Console


Yamaha NS-10 Studio Monitors
JBL Studio Monitors
Event Monitors
JBL Sub System
Fender P-Bass 73'
Fender TeleBass w/ 63' Jazz Bass Neck
Fender Jazz Bass 78'
Fender Stratocaster
Fender Telecaster
Vigier Excess Bass
AtelierZ 4 string Jazz Bass
AtelierZ 5 String Jazz Bass
BL Design Custom 5 String Bass
Hofner Beatle Bass
Eastwood Semi-Hollow 4 String
PRS SE Soapbar 6 String Electric Guitar
Milano 4 String Upright Bass
Kala Ukulele
6 Piece PDP Drum-set
13" Yamaha Signature Snare
Kala Ukulele U-Bass
Orange Tiny Terror Tube Combo
Fender Champ Guitar Tube Combo
VOX Amps - Various
Aguilar Tone Hammer 500 Bass Head